Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Best iPhone 7 Accessories

What is the point of having an awesome phone, especially a flagship if you do not get to pair it up with a number of great accessories to enhance the user experience? With the release of the iPhone 7, users have access to a number of accessories that will make their experience even better. These are:
  1. Cases
Spigen has stayed ahead of the pack by coming up with a whole line of cases from buyers to choose from. They are available from between $12 and $25 on Amazon. There are armored cases, bumper and TPU cases as well as wallet cases for the more functional approach. Some people do not like to mess with the aesthetic appeal of new phones as well as add body and weight by adding cases. Spigen has provided cases that cater to these needs. The good thing about having a case is knowing that you do not have to be stuck with an awesome flagship full of dents, bumps and scratches because of falls and other minor accidents. After all, the flagship costs too much to not protect.
  1. Tempered glass
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While cases provide protection for the body of the iPhone 7, tempered glass ensures that the screen is protected. It protects from scratches and cracks even when the phone falls screen-first. This is because the first point of contact with the surface is the glass protector and not the screen. These protectors are available for under $5 and should be bought alongside the purchase of the flagship to protect the screen from the get-go.
  1. Amir HD Camera Lens Kit
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For all the photography enthusiasts, this add-on accessory gives the ultimate photography experience. This two-in-one lens is great for macro shots and is available for only $63 which is a far cry from how much professional DSLR cameras cost. Plus, you can still get DSLR-quality cameras, so it is completely worth the buy!
  1. Compact XR Extended Range Thermal Imager
This accessory is manufactured by Seek and is an awesome one at that. It reads up to 32,000 temperature points clear quality. It comes with a thermal imaging lens that can be focused and is a bargain at $227.
  1. Remote Control Headless Quadcopter with Wi-Fi Camera
Babadio stepped up the game when it comes to drones that are compatible with Apple phones, including the iPhone 7. This quadcopter has a Wi-Fi camera which enables the user to get live video feed from the drone while it is up in the air. It has motion sensing control function and costs only $74.99 on Amazon.
These are some of the best and coolest accessories and add-ons that one can get for the iPhone 7 once it is released. The bonus to all this is that these accessories are not worth an arm and a leg. This makes it easy to buy them, enjoying the offer for free shipping on some of the accessories. They are easy to use as well. The good thing about having these accessories is that they make the experience of using the iPhone 7 even better.


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