Friday, August 12, 2016

How to set up the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Once you have walked out of the store with your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after you have had it delivered, you want to make the most out of the device without ignoring any of the features. While getting a new handset can be overwhelming because one does not know where to start, it would be best to start with the basics that allow you access to your phablet before graduating to the more complex tools.

1. Charging the Note 7

You have to have charged the device before beginning to use it. This is an important step that most overlook which may cause a series of battery issues later on.

2. Insert SIM Card and power on

Insert your SIM card into the given slot and the microSD into the expandable memory slot as well. Switch on your device using the power button.

3. Selecting a language

This is the first thing to do once the Note 7 is powered up. You can only navigate the other features of the phone once you understand the instructions or cues that originate from the phone. The key to this is selecting the language that you are most conversant with.

4. Set up the display and screen

The other thing is to customize your phablet to your preference. The display is a key factor. Go to settings and choose the display screen or wallpaper that you would like to have on the Note 7. In case you want it personalized, you can import some of your own photos or download some from the internet for this. While at it, you can select a ringtone and message alert tone which appeals to you.

5. Set up security

This step is multifaceted. The first thing is to key in the password to your SIM card or other function that you would like to lock by password settings such as messages and gallery access. The other is to set up the Android device manager which allows you to track your Note 7 in case it is stolen. This provides some level of comfort in knowing that the phablet cannot be entirely lost.

Additionally, set up the fingerprint sensor and the iris scanner. These processes are crucial because they set precedent for all other fingerprint sensor and iris scanning processes in the future. For the sensor, go to the settings and place your finger on the provided space. Make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Place the finger in a stretched out position to capture the fingerprint accurately. Save this data and move onto the iris scanner. For this, place your eye directly at the leading circles, with the phone at about 25 to 35 cm away from you. Let the iris scanner do its thing and save this data as well.

6. Google set up and back up

Once the basics are done, you can then connect to a Wi-Fi network or switch on your data bundles. Set up your Google account on your new Note 7 and restore contacts or back up new contacts as preferred.

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