Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What does HTC need to make in order to enter the smartwatch market successfully

As the Smartwatch industry is growing and expanding many major manufacturers are coming into the fray in the field of wearables. HTC is one of the most reputed names that are being projected and expected to release their first smartwatch sometimes in 2016. Even though HTC has not released anything officially but the rumors have leaked that the company is working for their debut smartwatch as they seek into the market of wearables. However, it will not be something very easy for HTC as there are already many players in the market.


HTC is gearing up for the new smartwatch and it is building the debut smartwatch with Android Wear. However, HTC will build something other as the interface to the Android. The report has suggested that HTC is going in the same direction as it was during the first Android Smartphone. HTC developed Sense as the interface and if all goes well then HTC would come up with something similar for smartwatch as well.


HTC needs to come with all guns for the debut smartwatch. There is one benefit of coming late in the market and that is the knowledge of the market. HTC already knows that what competitors are heading in the industry. HTC has the scope to come with all the features. However, it will be a waste to field a smartwatch that is not up to the level of the other competitors in terms of features.


The rumors have suggested that the smartwatch has been codenamed as Halfbeak. It has been learnt that the new smartwatch from HTC would be of round display and the expected resolution would be of 360*360. However, various other reports have suggested that the resolution should be more than this. HTC is currently working towards the Android wear not only for the own brand but has also with the US-based Under Armour. HTC may come up with something interesting and innovative with the smartwatch.


There have been not many rumors available for the specifications of the HTC Smartwatch. However, it has been reported that the HTC is including the features of fitness meters as well. The specifications like accelerometer, heart rate monitor and others are expected to be included in the smartwatch. Normal specifications of the smartwatch like call notifications, dialing and answering; SMS notifications, Email Reading, Music and storage are to be featured in the new HTC Smartwatch. Some rumors have suggested that HTC may directly go head to head with Apple in the smartwatch industry and come with the camera. Apple is expected to launch a Face Time Camera and HTC may launch the same with the smartwatch. However, the details are still to be validated in the market.


The debut smartwatch from HTC is expected to be launched in the later part of 2016. However, after the announcement of HTC Grip, it is expected that HTC would announce the smartwatch as soon as the product is ready or even at MWC 2016. It will be interesting to see the HTC smartwatch as the manufacturer is pushing into the wearable industry.

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